Providing accessibility, mobility, safety improvements / modifications and home repairs for Seniors.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to age with dignity in their own home and community. As the years wear away on our bodies and homes, maintaining the dream of homeownership can become difficult. If you cannot afford to add grab bars to make your bathroom safe or replace a leaking roof, how can you continue to live safely in the place you have called home for so long? The Aging in Place Program serves Flathead County senior citizens and focuses on accessibility, mobility and safety improvements/modifications and home repairs that are crucial to help seniors live in their own homes longer. Work that may be provided includes: 

  • Accessibility, Mobility and Safety Improvements/Modifications: installing grab bars and door hardware, wheelchair ramps, widening doorways and repairing trip hazards
  • Critical Repair: electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing
  • Weatherization: insulation, caulking, repairing broken windows, exterior doors/door seals

NOTE: Cosmetic work is NOT covered under this program. This includes, but is not limited to interior painting, cabinets, window treatments, flooring and repairing trim. 

AIP is also about collaborative efforts, partnerships with other nonprofits and agencies that will allow interventions to address related issues of health, isolation, hunger, lack of transportation and provide access to social services. HFHFV desires to make continued homeownership for Flathead County seniors a reality, so they can age in place with the comfort and dignity they deserve, in the home that they have created a lifetime of memories. 


Cost of the Project: The cost of the project will be actual cost of materials, labor/supervision, subcontractors, and insurance. The scope and cost of a project cannot exceed $15,000. The cost of the project will be granted/forgiven if other criteria is met. All projects will be evaluated on a cost-benefit approach; will the project make a significant impact to the continued livability of the home or is the home in such disrepair that multiple projects and system repairs would be required and exceeding the program budget and scope.