Get to know our amazing families.


Robert, a single dad to two children, will be the future homeowner of a Habitat for Humanity home. Robert prides himself on being a hard worker and a contributing member of his community. He regularly volunteers at his church. Friends and community members describe Robert as an amazing father who is willing to do anything to provide for them. Robert tells us that owning a home has always been a dream and until recently thought it would only ever be a dream.

“Getting a home for my family would be my ultimate accomplishment, like when I found myself alone with my two kids and had to be both Dad and Mom to succeed. I would feel so good about myself, and this would change my life in so many ways. I would feel more independent, accomplished, and successful. The embarrassment I feel for not having a better home for my children would be gone. I have lived in the Lakeside community for a long time. This is my home and having a home of my own here would be a dream come true.”


A single mother to two children, a son and daughter, will be the future homeowner of a Habitat for Humanity home. While she was pregnant with her daughter, she had to leave a dangerous marriage with just the clothes her and her son were wearing. They lost everything. She struggled to find a stable and affordable place to live. Her family is currently living in a home with a rotting structure, limited plumbing, dangerous electrical, and poorly insulated.

“Homeownership would mean everything to us. It would mean being able to provide my children a safe and loving place to call home. It would give them the stability and security that they haven’t had, but that I have dreamed of giving them. On a single income, it is difficult to find an affordable home. I want to show my kids that hard work and honesty can pay off. This home will mean we will have a place where we can start rebuilding our lives. We can create new, good memories, and have a safe place to play and grow. This means getting our lives back, having a future, having something to look forward to when we have lost all hope.”


Jonathan and Hosanna are parents to two daughters and two sons. Finding an affordable place to live has been difficult for this growing family. Becoming successful Habitat homeowners will give this family the opportunity to succeed and build a future for their family.

“Our family is very appreciative of the opportunity to own our own home. This will be such a blessing for us, and we are super thankful! The affordable mortgage will help us to financially get back on our feet. Our family is growing, and this home will give us the space our children need. Being homeowners, we will be responsible for the home and those responsibilities will also be good lessons for our children.”


Richard and Angela are parents to 2 boys and 2 girls. They currently live in a small 2-bedroom apartment that unfortunately doesn’t have enough bedrooms for everyone. The boys sleep in the living room. Additionally, the neighborhood they live in has a lot of theft and drug use. Richard and Angela want nothing more than to provide for their kids and give them a safe and stable home. After just missing out on being selected as a partner family in 2018, Richard and Angela took the opportunity to refine their budget and improve their finances. When they reapplied in 2019, the growth they showed on their application made them a perfect candidate for homeownership with Habitat for Humanity.

“This means a lot to us. We are so thankful and appreciate the opportunity to have a home of our own. We are excited to help build our home and to help the other families with their homes too. We want our children to have somewhere stable and safe to call home. Right now, where we live, we don’t have enough room for all of us, meaning that our 2 boys sleep in the living room. To give them a room of their own would mean everything to us. We have worked very hard for this opportunity and are excited for what it will do for our family.”


To Tracy Miskell and her 3 children, homeownership would be a huge success in this next chapter of their lives. After going through a divorce, Tracy had to return to work to provide for her children. Therefore, getting her own home would be a major accomplishment in gaining their freedom and stability for the family. This home not only would become their haven, but it would also become their cozy spot for making new memories as a family. “Growing up with a single mom and sister, life was never very stable for us. We were constantly moving from rental to rental until my mom bought her first home when I was 14.” Tracy is ready for a permanent home for her family where they all fit comfortably. “I want my daughter to have her own room and not sleep in a closet under the stairs.” Tracy looks forward to providing the stability her children need to live a fulfilled childhood. “Whether we're enjoying our days in the back yard or they're riding their bikes out front, I can feel confident in their safety.”


Tralieka Petz is a single mother, currently raising a school aged son. “Homeownership to me would mean a home to call my own, and a fresh start to raise my son and build memories.” She is excited to become part of a neighborhood that is close to her son’s school, her workplace, and in the community that she already loves. Recently, she had to make a change. When her job of almost ten years, began requiring her to work longer hours and sometimes thirteen or more days straight, her son began to struggle. “So, I made the hard decision to leave my higher paying job and to change our life… to be the parent my son needs.” To Tralieka, having this opportunity to become a homeowner would be a blessing. She knows it will provide stability and a sanctuary to raise her son. Once again, she will be able to meet her financial goals and investing in their future with self-determination.