Designed to pursue Habitat's strategic imperative of helping to renew neighborhoods.



The Neighborhood ReNEW (NR) of Habitat for Humanity of Flathead Valley (HFHFV) is designed to pursue Habitat’s strategic imperative of helping to revitalize neighborhoods and to transform and strengthen families and communities through an expanded array of housing solutions, including working on existing homes. These solutions comprise of a range of repairs to owner occupied homes. Programs under NR include A Brush with Kindness (ABWK), Critical Home Repair (CHR) and Aging in Place (AIP). 


The NR Programs provide assistance to existing homeowners with low income to perform vital repairs to their homes. The programs work in conjunction with the affiliate’s core building program, enabling the affiliate to serve more families, and increase opportunities for volunteers and community support. 


When working with existing homeowners, we recognize that some of them have been successful homeowners for years, possibly decades. It may be age, health or a change in financial circumstances that has affected their ability to maintain the home. There also might be existing homeowners who need the same support and counseling as any new homebuyer that is a part of our program. 



TO INCREASE the number of families served by Habitat for Humanity of Flathead Valley annually by serving a segment of the population we have not served in the past, whose income and needs meet our criteria.

TO INITIATE partnerships and collaboration with government and municipal entities and community organizations, mobilizing individuals and institutions to implement policies and practices that preserve and support affordable housing through community partnerships.

TO PARTNER with the community to curb the degradation of neighborhoods and meet the basic needs of those living in our communities.

TO INCREASE the opportunities to engage additional volunteers.

TO EXPAND the base of donors and partners in our mission.

TO EDUCATE homeowners on basic home maintenance and repair so they may continue to live in an affordable home.


The solutions, the results created through the programs of Neighborhood ReNEW will be most uplifting and transformational if we continue to emphasize the principles that underlie our Habitat for Humanity of Flathead Valley mission – hope, uplifting the dignity of those we serve, increasing pride of homeownership, teaching new skills, working together, forming diverse and new partnerships, sharing resources and celebrating. 



Factors to be considered: housing conditions that are physically inadequate or unsafe, repairs that are expensive, circumstances that prevent the homeowners from doing the work themselves such as disability, age, or illness.


Varies from program to program. See details below.


Sweat equity allows homeowners the opportunity to invest physically and emotionally in the mission of Habitat. Sweat equity is designed to meet three important goals:


PARTNERSHIP. Sweat equity provides meaningful interaction among homeowners, Habitat staff members, volunteers, and community members.

PRIDE IN HOMEOWNERSHIP. Putting sweat equity hours into their home allows homeowners to feel the pride of homeownership once again.

DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE. Family members learn more about the maintenance and upkeep of their home as they work alongside volunteers and experts in the construction field.


Willingness to participate in homeownership classes.

Neighborhood ReNEW programs

Thank you for your interest in Habitat for Humanity of Flathead Valley’s Neighborhood ReNEW Programs! A Brush with Kindness, Critical Home Repair and Aging in Place are not emergency repair programs; there will be a waiting period for repair work to be initiated and completed due to the application process, scheduling, volunteer availability and fundraising necessary to support each project. The Programs are made possible through community volunteers, financial and in-kind donations from our community and through supporting grants. 




Applying for Neighborhood ReNEW

Am I Eligible? You may qualify for the ABWK, CHR or AIP Program if you meet all the following criteria: 

  • I am willing to complete the application and provide all necessary documentation.
  • I own and have lived in my home full time for a minimum of two years.
  • I own no real estate other than my home.
  • My home is in Flathead County, Montana.
  • The city and county property taxes on my home are current.
  • The mortgage on my home is current and I can show a recent mortgage statement to prove this. (If there is no mortgage on the home, I will sign an affidavit stating there are no liens on the home)
  • My home needs work that falls within the services and budget of the program.
  • I meet the income guidelines for the program, based on my income and the income of everyone else who lives in my home.
  • I have proof of ownership of the property.
  • I can provide documentation to prove identity, age, residency and income for myself and everyone else who lives in my home.
  • All persons listed on the deed to my home will sign all required documentation.
  • All my information matches across all documents or I have proof that differing information is correct.
  • I am willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Flathead Valley
  • Be present and serve my construction team as a host while work is being completed at my home.
    Complete sweat equity requirements based on cost of the project. Volunteer Opportunities will include on-site construction tasks, on-site alternative tasks, and off-site alternative tasks.
  • Complete required education.


1. Rental properties are NOT eligible to receive assistance through this program. 

2. “Current” means you are not being charged any interest, fees or penalties on an outstanding balance OR you are meeting all the conditions of an agreed payment plan. 

3. Documents you need to provide may include: a driver’s license or other government issued ID, birth certificate, utility bills, 2 consecutive pay stubs within the past 30 days, mortgage papers, Social Security income statement, retirement/pension and/or bank statements, other necessary documentation as requested. 

4. The presence of lead in paint, mold and Asbestos, may disqualify a home from this program. Homes built prior to 1978 may not qualify for all services. 

5. If your home is not a detached, single-family home (example: a condo or mobile home), you may not be eligible for certain services. 


All applicants are considered without regard to age, color, disability, gender identity, height, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, veterans, weight nor as state or federal law otherwise prohibits.