Progress in Lakeside, Montana

144 Crystal View: Install of 1X4 strips over rigid insulation for siding and trim base, fire-wall sheetrock between house and garage completed, ventilation dormer construction completed, interior Pick-up framing completed, plumbing rough in completed. HVAC, and Electrical rough-in in process. Windows installed. Exterior doors installed. Electric meter base installed, and power turned on to the home. Pre-painting of rake and facia trim completed. Pre-painting of trim boards started. Installation of Rake and Facia in process. 146 Crystal View: Interior pick-up framing, rough in of plumbing, pre-painting of roof rake and facia completed. Rough -in of HVAC, and Electrical scheduled to begin. Pre-painting of exterior trim boards started. Install of rakes and facia trim in process. 145 Crystal View: Front porch framing, roof sheathing installation complete, roof membrane/roof underlay install complete. (home is dried in), interior pick -up framing complete. Install of curtain metal over foundation insulation in process. Windows installed. Electric meter base installed (ready for power to home) 139 Crystal View: Walls straightened; top plate installation, and walls braced completed. Install of 2nd floor trusses completed. Scaffold set-up for setting of roof trusses started. Electric meter base installed (ready for power to home). 133 Crystal View: Foundation work is done, and we are ready to set walls.